Message in A Bottle

Message in a Bottle…what is it you ask..what is in it you ask. The Message that has travelled so far, rode the waves great distances to wash up on your beach, catch your eyes and wind up in your hands..words for you?..They Must be.

Here we go……

tIS LOve we all seek…friends, family, strangers…; in our time here on Earth we want belonging..we yearn to speak the same  language..not English or french or Japanese..not those languages..but a language of the heart..I do believe there is one that is really quite simple and it is based in feeling.

Like a Brain in your sends out signals..receives messages and your whole body reads them and feels them, we must only learn to listen. LISTEN TO THE HEART.057

(Art: SOLD)

“And she LISTENED to her heart, because that is what she knew to do”.


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