Walking the Plank

Some might think this sounds like the moment before cold water and death by drowning.

When life puts us out on the plank

We can look backwards and wish hard to be back on safe ground…but in this case…there aint much time for waiting for a wish…

The only other option… jump at Will..screaming something heroic before the water takes you…


WAIT……who wrote the stories where there were only two options.

I give them an F for Failure to be creative.

We always have a baskett of plentiful options..but we must take the time.

Maybee try one or two in the baskett…then be open to one that finds its way to you from the sky.

Its ok to try

And say No.

Carry on

Find your flow.

Lets recognize we always have options.

Arent we here to have experiences. To learn. To grow?

I am

Have fun

Make mistakes

Own them

Then go again.


“May your Options be colorful, creative and take you to wonderous places.”


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