And then I got Thinking….

With all this Sailboat stuff around me I got to thinking about water and about Life..

and then I started singing “Let me Down Easy By Adele”….which led me to look up the saying “Water under the Bridge”…I know the general gist of it…but here’s a little Tid-bit of Greek Mythology for you…or Just Greek History I guess:)

The phrase ‘water under the bridge’ means past events to be put aside. The origin of the phrase comes from ancient Greek Heraclitus who said :

“You could not step twice into the same river”. It means that the river is ever changing because of the flow of the water, the river is never the same a second later.

I dig This!


Well….after wanting to  fight it….I decided to greet the River with Grace and Embrace the Flow  🙂

Allow Your relationship with Yourself, with Others and with LIFE  to be greeted a new…knowing you stand not in the same River water as before”.

( I tried to make that sound wise..I hope it worked.)


– The Ancient Avatar

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