” I have been so Lost and I have been so Low, It is Art and Love that have brought me Home.”


Home has been a real theme for me this past month. What does it mean to feel at home? What do we need to feel at home, to create a space inside and out where we can feel like we can Be? Be at Home, at Peace., free to Express, no need to Impress.

Pay attention to your surroundings, the space and the people in your space, the outter circle and the inner circle.

Where do you choose to spend most of your time? with whom, with what, do you share your time with?

How do you wish your life to look ?

How do you wish to feel in YOUR life?

Choose wisely, your space and the people you fill it with; They, along with You , are what create your Life, Your  Home.

“Know peace, know love, know the feeling of Home.”


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