Honest Art


I heard these words on CBC radio the other day and I feel as though they fell straight from my Heart. This is How I feel about Art and about Life…

“The Only Good Art is Honest Art.”

And so I will add. “The Only Good Life is an Honest Life”.

Ancient Avatar

A Bit About Me and My Art……………… I must have the right setting to start into my Work.

Most of My work is created in my Home Studio, as this is a Space I feel I can be at 1 and be fully present to bring forth the expression that needs to be brought into life through colors, shapes and words.

Ancient Avatar 3

My Creative process is greatly dependent on Nature. I spend time every day outdoors. This Helps to Center me, to bring me into the present, into my body and Connect me to the Earth and to my Divine Powers and Gifts.

Ancient Avatar 2

These photos were taken at my family Cabin. A place of calm, a place where simplicity is restored. Where the birds can be heard and where time slows and awareness of the tides becomes the rhythm in your heart. The stars shine brighter there and there is no hiding behind the fact that as a human…I am vulnerable…I am fragile…but also infinite and very powerful. With awareness of the Magic in connectedness to all that is here on Earth and Beyond..small worries vanish and the Stars become my Friends.

A BIG THANKYOU to my Amazing Grandma for Capturing these Moments:)! and another Big Thank-you to My Futti..for the Gift of this Space…”The Family Cabin” , a Place to be, a Place to Feel and to Heal.  What a Great support you have Both Been and continue to be.  So Much love to you Both.

-Jessica Lauren Iulianella

The Artist



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