I’d have to agree…and it’s not just because I am an Artist but because I believe people creating are happier healthier people, not to mention,  it makes Earth a more beautiful place to live! There are so many ways in which we can choose to create.

Maybee it’s a hand made letter sent off to a friend who lives over seas.

Maybee it’s planting seeds in your garden and nurturing them until fruition.

Perhaps a tasty meal for you or two or many.

Bouquets for the dining room table?


Bouquets by Julie

My Mom has always had a way of adding beauty to her home through creating magnificent bouquets.

Its something I know she enjoys and everyone who enters her home gets to enjoy her creations.

It’s such a beautiful thing to share joy in creation. I think it builds a sense of pride and a feeling of  being valuable…having an ability that is valued…that’s the stuff I live for…that is purpose!

Let us encourage one another to Create. Its a powerful medicine!

What will you Create?



” Big or Small…go for it!”.

-The Ancient Avatar

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