Fall – ing

Well, since it is the first of October today, I think it is appropriate to say Fall has begun Falling. So I thought it only appropriate then to make todays Blog Post about just that….Falling.

Title of this Piece of Art:  GRASS STAINS


Ok , so I know grass stains invoke the feeling of summer…long days spent outside, running bare foot in the grass and painting your jean shorts with Grass stains…..

and well that’s ok because what I really want to talk about is falling, the physical /emotional, action/sensation, of falling.

This piece of Art provoked the thought of  Children falling and how that often means they are outdoors playing. Falling is just something that happens as a kid..probably multiple times a day and 9 times outta 10 the fall is given no thought and they are back up and at it again.

So now why do we as adults take a fall so personally…even if we slightly trip over a raised bump on the road we feel somewhat ashamed..most of us anyways…we may think..”oh I’m so clumsy..I hope no one else saw me.”

Well adults,  I think it is time to get over ourselves, and recognize that tripping, and yes sometimes falling, happens to alllll of us…..we don’t suddenly have complete smooth body movements/lives once we hit adulthood and “know what we are doing”. No way, no one really knows what they are doing…we are all learning, so lets have some humility here, with ourselves and with others. If we fall, lets not let it dig into our dignity too badly and If we see someone else Fall..or Falling..lets make sure they are alright…offer a hand …but a hand that offers them dignity.

We all fall..sometimes deeper..sometimes harder.. sometimes longer than other times…..its part of life..part of living; let us be compassionate with ourselves and with others.

“Own Your Grass Stains…it means you are Living!”

-The Ancient Avatar



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