I begin…the page is often white…a variety of colors infront of me and beside me….I don’t discriminate….paints, pens, pencils, oil pastels…brushes…….its all welcome in my creation.

Then I listen..often for what color to pick up…and I put my hand to the page..sometimes a shape pops into my head and then I listen for where to put it on the page.

It is a real conversation between me ..the blank canvas.. and the tools of color and texture.

I never have a preconceived Idea of what the Art should or will be…it is a mystery to me and truly created in the moment…step by step..I watch it evolve right before my fingertips.

Sometimes layer apon layer…as the work urges me to keep going. I have to be careful not to fall into judgement as sometimes my thought is…oh this aint lookin so good!

It has happened a few times that I leave a piece and come back to it the next day…most pieces are completed same day in 1, 2, or 3 sittings. It is the piece that tells me when it is complete. Sometimes my judgement is that it doenst look finished…but it assures me STOP and sign….I am done:)…so I listen..sometimes I wonder who is in charge;)

I feel most calm, most at Peace most free when I am creating on the page.

It feels as though anything is possible and  I am most often intrigued by what comes out into being .  I have to say …so far this piece has been my biggest surprise as far as what has show up on the page. I’m not quite sure what to think of him?


he seems familiar? is this my inner art Guru? ….is he actually an already made animation character that I have subconsciously copied? Id love to hear your thoughts on this one!

I’m a bit Speechless.

-The Ancient Avatar


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