Happy Birthday My Nephew!

Dear Lincoln,

Congrats! 9 years to celebrate! woohooo! way to go My nephew!! You are so special, so kind, gentle, funny, cool, deep and thoughtful and full of unique. You gotst a real special way about you my nephew and I cherish the person you are and the one you are becoming. So glad you are my nephew! May your 9th year be full of magic and many new discoveries by you about life here on Earth.

Love Always, Aunty Jessie

Today, on your 9th Birthday, I dedicate this book written by me, to you.

The Title of the Book:   Deloon

This is Deloon:)


The Boy in the Moon, his name is Deloon

he speaks of the skies and warm curley fries.


His Moms name is Meyes,

she makes sweet full moon pies,

bread she let’s rise,

and oh yes, has colorful striped thighs.


The Father of Deloon lives on Planet Nine.

He says the moon is too cold, he needs more sunshine!


Oh yes, Deloon does have 1 brother of the Moon,

His name is Mika,

all he wants to do is play on his motor bika.


All the stars in the sky are friends with moon family,

They often meet for a stroll, and a cup of starry tea.


Then to the Outer Space park they go,

for a picnic of olives, melon and prosciutto.


When the night sky is day, off to bed they all go,

until night time comes, when they must prepare the show!


Everyone in place, all ready to shine bright,

Saying HELLO  from above !

As the earth people say



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