Time to Heal



Time to heal our wounds, our  pains ; past and present.
It Is the most important work you can do for yourself and others right now.
We must heal..

There is a road back to balance …

If we want it, we must walk the way of feeling and healing.

In facing our fears,our pains, our weakness, we learn how to fly.
Spirit wants us to fly!
We.must begin by walking the path to healing,walking the path of feeling.

This path opens to us when we ask for help, when we become aware that we cannot Stay the same.

To stay the same would be against life. Life wants you to grow , to remove the blocks that keep you from being all that you are.
If you have pain left unresolved you can easily forget what you are created for.
When in pain..look for the light it will always be there. Release the fear.Pray. Ask for guidance.You are never alone.
Then listen . Then watch. Be clear .be open to what you hear.
The more we heal ourselves the more we can help others to heal.
It’s a time of healing.
“Let your tears grow the flowers of tomorrow.”

You are never alone.

– Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar

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