Body Wisdom

What is your body trying to tell you, that you are not listening to?


Listening to our bodies wisdom is how we have always survived. It is harder to hear it’s call now because we have all these drugs (some of what we call food) as well as outside stimulants and nummers, to disconnect us from our intimate relationship with our bodies.

This is why illness, mental and physical, move in to our lives. We are off course, out of touch, out of balance.

We must work toward wellness by creating a loving and listening relationship with our body. No need to fight it’s signals. To love yourself you must listen in.

“Your body has a wisdom all its own,  honor it.”

– Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar

One thought on “Body Wisdom

  1. Our bodies are amazing and have abilities to heal itself if we only slow down enough to listen. Most people have jumped on the electronic fast track and with all the bombardment of continuous stimulation it makes it hard to really listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. I make it a point to listen.

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