The more we get in the habit of not allowing the natural sensations of our living breathing body , the more we shut down the pathway of communication of what our bodies wisdom is trying to tell us.
As a result of our disconnect, we seek to feel in other ways…through chemical highs, we only find ourselves facing the inevitable crash that always follows….or the opposite; the numbing effect of some drugs, which always wears off and will leave you wanting more .

If distraction from  feeling and  listening becomes the habit,
dependency on something or someone to distract will often become the norm, and addiction , disregulation, dysfunction and most always dissatisfaction and discomfort become ones chronic state of dis-ease.
This behavior sees no end.
It is not reaching your potential.
It is not kindness or happyness.
It is empty.
It is hurt.
It is broken.
I know.

We have got to Make a change.
We must evolve in our thinking
And in our behaviors. We owe it to ourselves and to those we love.
It is always a good time for change.
Be Brave , stand tall, make a choice of change.


– Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar


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