Life and Loss

What is Given is a Gift, cherish It and when it goes away take time to reflect; Grief and sadness are natural, but do not forget what came to you was a gift….be grateful, recognise what was in the gift and when you are ready, graciously let go….and let go again and let go again. Loss is Part of Life.  How we view Loss can help us to receive the new gifts life brings, and help us then, when it is time, to graciously let go again.

Title of Works: LOSS  ( In memory of Simon and the Gift he was)


a Poem :

The Mysteries

come into our lives

to challenge


To show us what it means

to Cherish

the unknown

light a candle, soft at home.

To appreciate the little things,

give thanks for Life

and what it Brings.

– Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar

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