Sundays KAPOW!


What is this KAPOW all about….well for’s a feeling…and I do believe it takes participation and intention …but in an effort of ease…KAPOW can occur spontaneously and will most likely involve a BLISS like sensation.

Today I experienced KAPOW while on a new walk through the Beauty of Victoria B.C where I reside. The weather created the best canvas but I also chose to go to the most Beauty of the City….a walk for the tourists really…all along Fisherman’s Warf to Down in front of the Famous Empress Hotel and back along the water side trail. And then…

Tea and cake happened…at a Cafe I enjoy..



This is really where the KAPOW happened. It just so happened that today’s KAPOW also involves food( the Most delicious cake, clearly made with love from Imagine Studio Cafe, and a beautiful pairing of Angel water tea from Silk Road teas…but it’s not always about food:)….It’s just for me….good food is really one of the beauties of Life and in our rushed world I feel it is overlooked and as a result food Quality is Rare.It must be sought out…and or created at home.

So this is where I quote the words that have been spoken to me … I contemplate KAPOW…the inner voice..says…”It’s about Expecting More”.

And that’s really just it.

I can get so depressed about the lack of quality in food, in things, in people and well its a Real thing for me…but what  am I going to do about it? I’m going to create more KAPOW is what I’m going to do about it! I’m going to expect more…and in just this decision, I may seek a world that better pleases me and all my senses.

If we have no expectation of ourself of others…of what we eat..wear…the environment in which we live….KAPOW is dead and so are our souls.

I believe KAPOW must  be awakened in all of us. We must expect more !

You are worth it….we are all worth it.

Join the movement of KAPOW!

Let’s create our greatest expectations and then share that beauty with one another.

I guarantee once you know KAPOW you won’t turn back. It’s a movement. “Expect more, you are so worth it”.

-Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar


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