At the heart of my work is an interest in a healthy Community.
A healthy individual and healthy land;
Healthy food, clean air, access to nature.
Culture in arts, visual, music, food , family.
I dream of this and work towards it by keeping awake to what I need to be healthy.
A community is only as strong as its people and we as people can have a great effect for good or for bad. We do, we learn, we change…let’s be awake enough to see our mistakes and try something new. It’s for the benefit of me and you.


What Motivates my Work?….as my motivation slows through the Winter months…I ask myself…what motivates my work…and as my answer comes to me I am reminded and I stoke the fire.
The pace …I do not mind slow…but with clarity in what motivates me, my work takes on a deeper meaning, that to me, may be lost without the remembering.
I love my community, I love my Mother Earth; I work for Her, with the desire to see us all thrive not just survive.
– Lauren Lauren

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