New Story

” The book is closed, it’s time for a new story”.

These are the words that have come to visit and will not leave…that is when I know I must pay attention!

This New Year has brought in a new wave…I have spent a great deal of January….clearing out.

Clearing out things in my home that no longer resonate. Clearing out emotions…tears have been a flowing ( I’m expecting some real Beautiful flowers to bloom:). I have had to let go…some things willingly…other things I still want to hold tight, but I feel I must let go. I trust, I surrender. The New will begin to take shape as I let go what needs to be let go.

And so I close one book….and begin a new one. I do not run or hide from my past, it has been a beautiful book indeed, full of highs and lows and all the inbetween. I am proud of my character that has been built and so thankful for all the others in my story that have had an impact in my life, big or small.

I begin this new story with a strength I never knew I had and a vulnerability I have learned to befriend. I hope to see some of your familiar faces in this new story.

Here it is! Day one,  the first few pages into my new book.

…… and the beat goes on.


Lauren Lauren.

2 thoughts on “New Story

  1. Cleaning out the baggage of what no longer serves us is so necessary! It makes room for the new and improved happening to enter our lives. I wrote a poem and here is a few lines from it …… “I need to grow, I need to know, I need to let go” …. by doing this ” I see who I am, I think positive, I say I AM enough”. Great article.

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