Part II : Vulnerability

Series : 100 Poems 《 A Human Life


Come and go
Until you’ve moved around enough
To know the Beauty of seeing
The same one every day
Familiar things
Look anew each day
Even at yourself.

20180130_174730 (1)

# 44

Markets of fresh fruit
Flowers embroidered
On traditional dresses
And shirts.
Local artists
Lining the path
To the great architecture
Of the church.

Women with stories
Patting corn tortillas
Feeding us
With love.

Mexico, You are magic and Beauty and full of heart💙



So many colors are coming to me
Eyes open
Eyes closed
I am being shown
Patterns of great color

Works of art flashed before me
Light projections from the sun.

I smile at their Beauty.


Shine all your Colors. Light up the World!

– Lauren Lauren

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