Part II : Vulnerability

Series : 100 Poems 《 A Human Life

# 46

Visions of Motherhood
Children’s hands in Mine
We walk with a skip
We are happy sharing life.


# 47

Challenges ahead
Only in your head
Stay centered
And calm.

Projection onto you
Of others fears,
Not to be yours.

Washed off
Kept clean
Just firm
Not mean

Walk on.


# 48

He said
Look at you
As we stood in front of the mirror.
Look at how beautiful you are
So I looked

And I looked
It was hard at first
But there I saw
A beautiful woman
I looked into her eyes
I looked at all her naked body
And I looked at her big smile.

He said
You just be you.
Words never before spoken
Only in my own heart.

He told me, follow your heart
Sweetheart he said
Follow your heart.

And on the day he came to drop my house key off
The one I gave to him last summer

The same day he dropped off my key
I gave him his underwear he had left behind.
One month had passed since our lips last touched .
Since we looked at each other
And touched the way we did.

On that day.
I asked to hold his hand
His healing hands
And he said, I love you.
I cannot remember if I said it too
But my whole being feels it when I even think of you.

It was the kind of love they call unconditional.
That was what you offered
I know it now
And offer it to myself
I only hope you feel
What I feel.
You’ve helped me heal.
And I will always love you :ll


– Lauren Lauren 🎈


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