The BIG 100

100 Poems 《 A Human Life

We have reached 100! What a Journey!
I hope you have enjoyed the road, and the variety of terrain, as much as I have.
I’d love to hear from you!
If you liked one in particular, let me know by hitting the “Like” button, or give me a shout through hitting the Comment button, oooor visiting my Contact page.
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You can read a bit about myself and what drives my work.
Thanks for your support!
Keep coming back!
I love Visitors!

– Jessica Lauren Iulianella
The Artist
The Poet
The Ancient Avatar

And so I leave you with the BIG 100.

# 100

I am the Breath
I am the Breeze
I am the Pebble Of the Ripples
Flowing out to all the seas.

– Lauren Lauren

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