When Strength is …

When Strength is, knowing when to Walk Away.

I found this Poem in an Old Journal of mine. As I read these words,that were pieced together a handfull of years ago during a time of pain, I feel a sense of pride come over me; in the struggle my words were so strong, so clear.
I am so grateful I had a pen and paper on hand and chose to express my true feelings to myself.

Over time my writing has become a regular habit and always authentically and gently helps me to come to my own Clarity.
Here it is. I have grown so much; turned great hurt into great strength. And so I say to myself:
” I am so Proud of you, you Beautiful and Powerful Woman you:)”

Poem Title: Mexican Pop

Truth in you, truth in me, what will it be?
I turn inward, you jump out,
Rising up, bubbling doubt.

Each bubble in the air,
You pop it with care,
Hold me tight
But I want to fight
Be released, go up for air.

You push me to the surface
But do you care?

I jump back in
Like it’s water that I need.
Under the ice it feels so nice,
Waiting to entice.
The water, cold, but familiar
Silky on my skin.
I stay for a season,
Explore the waters,
Think of daughters.

We swim side by side
But my heart only fills with tears
Feels the fears, that maybe
It’s time to crack the ice
Swim up for air once more
Walk through the door and close it.
I’m the only one who knows it.

The bubbles shimmer in the sunlight,
Rise and Pop!
It’s clear.

I’ll walk on with the truth in me
No Fear.


– Lauren Lauren

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