Sizzle Sass

Ok, Summer has arrived!
Time for some Fun!….

Nothing quite matches the fruity fun of Summer !

Let’s Call this Chapter….Sizzle Sass.

Here we go…..get ready for some Sizzle Sass!
….put a Country tune to this one if you like,
And turn it Up , WaaaYY UP.

Luxton Fair
It’s a circus ride
It’s an all in deal
It’s a home cooked meal

Feel the Breeze through your hair
On the Ferris Wheel
Feel the scream on your breath
Play’n Forever Young.

It’s down down baby
It’s cherry cherry pop
It’s the mirror in the locker
Today’s new pop top

It’s the Purple in your hair
The truth not the dare
The back pack on your lap
That Indiana nap

Its the coa coa in the puff
That young Rocker Duff
The pretty in the please
Him down on his knees

It’s the perfect soccer kick
The chicken with the chick
That warm kiss good night
The heat of his light

You are the flame
He is your pair
Carry on if you dare

Life on Fire.


– Lauren Lauren

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