Just Can’t get Enough

I’m Back! I never travel too far from here, for here is my Home, my Heart, my Love.
A space for revealing, healing, connection and expansion.

I continue to spiral out, learn new things, new ways to be me.
Receive new gifts, share new gifts, laugh and play with each new day.

I am so thankful for my life;
For the trust it puts in me and I in it. And so I say, ” Yes, Thank you, more please:)”.

Let life In, let it surprise you!

My New Friend, whom I cherish very much, said to me over coffee last week.

” Oh yes Feel, please allow yourself to Feel.”

I want to share these words with you.
And so I say:

” Oh yes Feel, please allow yourself to feel.”

…and just one more ripple flows out from the pebble.
We are all Connected.

May you come so close to Your center,
So you know you are Home where ever you may Roam.


Much Love to you on your Journey here.

– Lauren Lauren

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