Une Histoire Por Toi

This is a Story about a Cow named Mississippi…..

Mississippi lives in the city
Mississippi likes to look pretty

She is a single lady
Livin in an Uptown flat

She plays inner city baseball
With pompom bows
And a hot pink bat.

In the day she serves coffee
French pastries
And tea

And at night
On Thursday, Friday
She goes out to

Monday night is quiet
Kept for French films and bubblebaths

Tuesday, she goes to dance
Her favorite class is Jazz

Wednesday she does errands
Grocery shopping
Corn for popping!

Weekends, well now,
That’s a guess!?…
It depends on whether
Her house is a mess!

If it is,
A little Dustin
A little moppin!
Then over come her friends
Her Uptown home is hoppin!

They like good beats
And tasty treats,
The dancin it goes till late
Unless we hear from Mrs.Tate!

She is our Neighbour,
A funny little thing!
We know she is not happy
If we hear the doorbell ring!

That’s her message Loud and Clear
” There IS an Old Lady Trying to SLeep Here!”

Mississippi, she knows,
And she does so respect
That when the midnight bell rings
She cannot neglect,
That sleep, it calls her too
Its time for day to come to close.
So packing up their things
Out the door all them goes.

It’s been a great week
Life, it’s pretty good
Mississippi’s pretty happy
In her fine neighborhood:)

– Lauren Lauren

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