A Tree Stands Tall


It can sink in when you are too idle.
Mind not claimed by you
Bodies empty
A perfect home for another

You must take only you
Where ever you Roam
Jump and Shake
Keep your body awake
Breath in and out
Stay alive
This is your life
Focus on you and
And what you are here to do
To be

Whose slice of the cake you are eating
Whose words you are meeting
Before you digest and let it
All in
Consult with the 10
The constant
The mother Hen
She is blue
She stays centered
Knows fakes
Man made lakes

Observe observe observe

Sometimes it’s innate
Doesn’t take much thought
The instinct built in
Cannot be bought
You can chew it
Its yours
Then spit it out
Your words
In song
In love
Strong and Bold
No need to do what you are told

Tree that has grown to the light
A tree stands tall
Against the fight
Defying all odds
Creating what’s gold
You’ll make history
To be told.

– Lauren Lauren

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