I took care of you
You took care of me
And apart
In perfect harmony

I will miss you so,
How you have touched my soul


You gave me purpose
In times of uncertainty
Freedom in love
Freedom to be me

You were so you
So wise
And so kind
You brought peace to my heart
Peace to my mind

We wondered
Sniffed many places
You lit up so many faces

You were some kind of unique
But so chique

You said so much With no words
Never followed the hurds

A dog so true to himself
And his people
With you as the Church
You made me your Steaple.

Time with you
Drifted all the worries away
Time with you
Made me greet each new day

For to see your smile
Made my heart grow a mile
To see you so happy
Made me feel more snappy.

Oh Connor
What will we all do without you.

You took such good care of all of us
With no blame
With no fuss

Bringing joy to all the homes
I’m sure even the Ferries and the Gnomes:)

Oh boy, you will be so missed
So grateful each our lives you’ve kissed:)

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