B. My SuperPower

I’m 3 , I’m 5, I’m 8
I feel so much
So I cry

Please, just stay with me
Give me comfort
Reach out your hand.
No touch,
Only words
STOP Crying
Stop Your Crying

Words of Comfort Not.

I’m 10, I’m 12, 14, 16
I cry
I hurt
I hide to cry
Eat alot
Maybee nothing
Numb the feelings or
Starve them
Try the love of teenage boys

Still Sad
No words to say how I feel
No one to listen.

I’m 18, 20, 22
I’m trying to perform
Put on my happy mask
Good practice in my years of Youth
Must be an Adult
Work work work
Don’t feel
Leave no space to Feel

I’m sick, so sick
I cannot go on like this
Must feel
Must find a way to Heal

Now 33
I See
Sad is Bad
That’s what I was shown.
No room for feelings
Offered things
The laugh that says
You are so weak
You feel too much
You are a crier
Don’t feel
Learn to be a Liar.

I Will Not.
The Truth is Me
I will allow myself to Be
To Feel it All
To stand Tall
And say
I’m Sensitive
It’s my SuperPower

Lauren Lauren

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