I Can Be

I can be a Genie….Grant Your every wish..



I can be a Jester …..
Serve humor on your dish.


I can Ole! And Rumba !


Be the Clover with the right Numba..


Be Pensive in Pink On a Sundays Park Bench…

You might even get lucky..watch me pirouette in French!

( All fotos are Me age 8/9 )

I’ve got talent
There’s Gold there too
But most importantly
You gotta be You
So I’ve stripped it all down
And turned it around
Expressions of me
They are true
For my who
Who I know at the time
What I know to be mine
And of course it gets messy
Sometimes blurry
A mash
Sometimes it’s a close one
Sometimes it’s a crash

But I’ve learned of my center
There is gold there too
I’ve learned of my colors
The inbetween ones too.

So here for now
I have something for you
Something for comfort
Something to Brew.

It comes from my heart
It’s got a gold edge
To be true to myself
That I pledge.

And so with Pleasure…
I Present to you My latest 5 part series ” My Gold Edge”.

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