Its Me its My its I


Without you telling me
Who I am
I have a me
I have a my
I have a self

Give me space
Watch and see
Then maybee you’ll be blown
Maybee you’ll see
I’m simply ok

My struggles
They speak to my strength
And my pains
Just travelling through
To show me what needs expression
Other ways than aggression
I’m living
I’m learning
I’m growing alright
I just want to love
I dont want to fight
Rather withdrawal
Than a bar fight brawl
Give me Space
The truths in my face
If you want to see.

If you want to love me
Leave me room to be
Or I’ll make the space
The answers in my face

Lauřén Lauřén

** If You Wish to Purchase any of the Pieces you see here please Contact me through the MENU select Contact.

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