– Electric-

This one literally turned my lights back on!
Who knows what it will do for you?

A double nail it needed for its display on the wall.
My hall light had been burnt out a few days and voila! Bang bang with the hammer for her needs and the lights been lighting ever since!

So here is a Poem for you about Seagul Poo and Diamonds….

The diamond is shaped by the 4th of July
A piece of Pie
No more desire to Reach for the sky
Just soar
Then land on the Branch above
To look down on the life as it be
The offering of the juicy berry.
Its life above the surface hot
And uncertain
Below the sea is behind the curtain
Deep and dark
The friend of the shark
And then
Bark Bark
The SeAgul poo on you
On the bench
At the Park.

Lauřén Lauřén

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