Summer of Solitude

First it was Frida Kahlo
Picasso Perhaps
Then Georgia O’ keeffe
Maybee Salvador Dali
Onto MJ
His initials follow me
Since my patio screen came back black
With a white handle 🙂

Then Joni
Showed up on a telephone pole
Mitchell, more I had to know
Books and Books on hold
at the local Library
Some so big
They jammed the return slot

I had to Laugh

Joni is my medicine these days
Feeling encouraged that my work does matter
And yet
By her

She seems to follow me these days
Penetrating my hurt
The Water Goddess
Says to me
Be you, keep going
Reminding me to be fluid
To flow
But I also feel like a Rock these days
I will do both
Rock and Flo 🙂

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