While I am Resting

In order for my Colours to come to existence and paint for you.

In order for my music to sing out in Poem for you, I must take the time to tune the instrument that is my body and all its senses.

I must take time to relax, to connect inward,  to become aware of my breath, the feeling in my chest.

I must calm my mind, find stillness in my body, connect into the natural world and allow my fingertips to humm;

Allow, my eyes to see through, my thoughts to expand and rise like vapour, my heart to attune to that of the Tree, my feet to sink in as roots and my ears to wonder to unfamiliar sounds but known so deeply at my core.

I need my quiet, I need my down, just as much as I need the soar, the tingling , to quench my thirst.

And so the up and down creates my life song

and I shall sing it out loud.

As I rest, I will be creating.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year!

Much Love

Be Well

Jessica Lauren Iulianella

Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar

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