We are Her, She is Us…

Hello Beautiful being 🙂

Click Play…..

then Read…


Reverence to All I have seen

Reverence to All that has been


And now,  I wear my Crown

and I stand at the top of my Mountain.


For My Higher sight

is what gives me my might

what simmers my fright.


For I see the changing

the Re-arranging

and all the blessings

we are bestowed.


This is our Land

we are Hers

It is time we commune and

listen to one another

Together we heal

together we re-discover our Harmony,

Our Connectedness.


We are Her , she is Us.


As we find Peace within ourselves

We shall bring Peace

to our Mother Earth.

As we grow flowers in our mind

the Bees Laugh and Flourish.


We are here to heal.


There is so much magic in you

and in your Earth


You are Loved.


  • Lauren Lauren
  • The Ancient Avatar



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