Aware without Fear

Misguided we have been

through the television screen.

Forgetting about the local stream,

the water that runs through our lands.

In whose hands is it kept?

Are We not the keepers of this Earth?


Ready to Return to seeing?

To dropping out

and tuning in ,

to stoking the fire

that has grown dim;


To stepping on the Earth with care,

to re-learning what is fair.


There is much change ahead

Requiring you to get out of your head.


With open eyes

and hearts connected

the Unity shall be detected

and then watch


the change that comes!


We are seeing the truth , we are making the change, and the darkness has no more hold on the light.

We shine bright:)

Love to you all,

you bright shining stars,

let your Magic radiate!!


– In Love and Light,   Lauren Lauren

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