What is it about Light that makes us feel safe. In some ways the darkness keeps us more hidden…. unless of course you are a star… or mother moon or any glow in the Dark object or a flashlight turned on or…..OK,i’ll stop there.

So I realllllly STOP…to think about this;  Because I really do wonder,   …and the first thing that comes to mind is SIGHT. I can see my surroundings when there is light.

So then I close my eyes and recognize all the other senses that need to kick into gear for my survival.

My ears perk up….my nose breaths in deeper..I become hyper aware of just how important my hands are to me in getting me around without donking my noggin or falling flat on my face. My feet will also move in a much more cared for manner. Slower steps, placed more gently in humble movement, probably in a thought out direction.

and My VOICE..I will probably use that a lot more and be aware of my words ..the vibration they create.

So now I SEE. I understand that in my times of darkness I am being taught of my own gifts…  of the power I was born with, the strength in sensitivity, vulnerability and deliberate action.

Through the Dark times I learn to build my own inner fire…so that I may light my path and then be a light house for others. I will not be as afraid of the dark as I once was.044


May we move through the Darkness and COLLECTIVELY build the kind of Light that makes Heat..the kind of heat that makes DIAMONDS.


(Original Post: Aug. 2017)

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