That Thing Called Love

What is it about Love that makes it such a central Focus to me.
Well I believe we need it as much as we need air and water to survive.
We cannot expect to take it from others. We must cultivate it in our own gardens and so when someone comes to visit we have much love to share. Then it too feels so beautiful when we can receive the Love of another.
Let love be abundant and flow through you.

So in the name of Love I leave you with a Story I wrote one day….

The Title : Po

Multiple ways to see 1 thing
That s the doorbell ring!

Who is there?
Mother Hare…you say?
….I wasn’t expecting you until Friday!

Woops! Says Mrs. Hops
Wrong day!
I forgotst!

Well come on in dear Mother Hare
Happy to see you!
No day! no care!

No worry, no hurry,
It’s much your style
To hop on by
Come in for tea.
You know me!
The kettle is always on….
Unless of course I am gone,
Usually around dawn.

Aliens, that’s when we prefer to head outside
To wonder
Wonder about human life;
How it feels to be cut by a knife?

We Aliens don’t sense the skin
All our feelings come from within.

The stars and clouds,
We are full of them.
Our hearts circled, a gold rim.
We watch and learn the ways of Earth
No instruction manual came at birth.

Mostly, I think, I come to love
This word they use

It seems the only way I know to be.

Some people hurt and say it’s love
But I see
I see the color of things.

Many gold rings around your heart
The more you have, the more you feel.

Its your center of emotional intelligence,
The same for the ladies and the gents!
Once activated, you live in love,
Show more humans the way of the dove.

It don’t mean you’re all perfect;
Perfect ain’t alive!
It’s about the state of honesty, caring, liberty!
Where I’m from, that’s the only way to be.

We came to Earth to learn and grow
So glad to be here! My name’s Po!


– Lauren Lauren

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