What happens when we all follow. What happens when our actions are disconnected from our thoughts and our feelings. Is it possible that a large majority of the human race acts from a place of MEZMERIZED and/or MEMORIZED.

When we are so focused on the prize do we do anything to B line it to get to that something shiney?

(Art: SOLD)013

When we are faced with a decision, with a problem, with a practical dilemma are we following the programmed code. Do we react from a place of trained behavior….look around to what others are doing..then do that?

Could we allow for a breath in between..between thought and reaction, between the what do I do?…. and the follow. Could we allow one breath to turn into many breaths …to turn into turning inwards and feeling that breath, to then noticing the voice of the heart YOUR heart given to YOU at birth

Once a steady rhythm is found, might we all make better decisions…more authentic decisions?   If a building is on may not want to stop and take too many breaths, but if you have the time..make the space for the breath,  the one breath and then the more breaths..allow creative solutions to come to you ..flow through you..then breath , breath YOUR WAY into being. This is not a lesson of right or wrong but one of AWARENESS, one of knowing your own UNIQUENESS.

“Be conscious of your actions. Be aware of your impact”.  – THE ANCIENT AVATAR

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