New Wayz


( Art 8″by 12″ unframed ) $ TBD based on framing desire]- SOLD-

Challenge the Norms
Challenge the status quo
Mix up the message sent out to all
That doing more equals success.
Let the joy come from building
Relationship and sharing in abundance
Thoughts, ideas, new ways
* * * * * * *


( 8″ by 12″ unframed) – SOLD-

Let these days turn into weeks and weeks turn into the new way of being.
– – – – – – – – – – – –


(8″ by 12″ unframed) -SOLD-

Continue on Your way
To love every day
Love will bring back order
Bring back Peace
Be one with each other
Be one with the Earth
The animals
And listen to the wisdom of the trees
Walk in Nature
Be love
Be Peace.

– Lauren Lauren

The Ancient Avatar

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