How does it Feel?

I found a Journal of last year and opened to about a year ago…a day in July…..L:

“”Out for a walk early in James Bay; the world feels different now, even when you go out to do the regular things you did before.

I find such pleasure in the flowers this time of year, and I delight in seeing the Bees enjoy them as well. Reaching the ocean at the edge of dallas rd feels like Heaven, such fresh expansive air.

Then home for a “Nonna’s Lunch” of tomato, garlic and zucchini, all warmed in the frying pan with olive oil, salt and a can of tuna I recently bought at FIG; a Mediterranean deli that is giving me inspiration these days.

I almost bought plates and tea and coffee set at V.V .Boutique. But No. I am glad I didn’t. They didn’t feel right.

I’m just loving my dining table I found second hand; it makes me happy, and my home happy.

Also, my senses are falling in love with the smells around me. Fresh cut mint and chives, new sea salt body lotion, and burning incense: vanilla, frankincense yummm. I’m feeling taken and in Love. And It’s just after noon:) “

  • Lauren Lauren

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