This One….

This one came bursting out of me as I lay awake at midnight; It tickled at my nose until I listened to its demands and began to write it down in form.

Here it is…. One that demands to be heard!

Drink coffee buy things , that’s what they want me to do.
Drink coffee buy things
No time to make the stew

Drink coffee buy things
No time to think
Drink coffee buy things
Agree to sign the pact.

No more feeling
No more touch
Just screens and beeps
And way too much.

Our heads are bursting rushing racing
Bodies numb
Just keep on pacing

Drugs for dogs
Cats so fat
Wild is bad
Kill that rat.

Trees cut off for one more home
So much paved , a breathless dome.

Birds fly away …
I am left on the ground
Wondering …

-( Perhaps a work of paint and colour will come for this one… but for now I leave you with these words..)-

Jessica Lauren Iulianella

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