I Wish My Life..

I wish my life to be a dance

A role on the wave,

A well lit flame,

A road unpaved.

I wish my life, all the stars in the sky,

A life lit with colour,

birds passing by.

My sounds be melody, a voice to the heart;

A piece of it all, ending to start.

The tree as my friend,

the bird as my guide,

and forever my ancestors,

Angels at my side.

I wish my life to be a dance in the grass!

and a lay in the flowers, to watch the clouds pass!

I wish for the Pink, to speak to the child;

Wish the waves to be rolling ,

the waves to be wild.

I wish my life, a ride on the wind.

And when my day comes to return to the All,

I will sprinkle my sparkles,

I will leave you my shawl.

For the Children, I protect, For the children,

I stay true,

Because no one, no one, is built like you!

You are born as a bud, to blossom and spread seeds,

To be tickled by the bees,

to be blessed when you sneeze.

I will my life to spread beauty and Light;

I will give it all to this life,

I will fly with my kite!

And on my return to the deep rich soil…

I will know,

more Beautiful flowers are in bloom:)

Jessica Lauren Iulianella

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